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I started writing these words in my head while on vacation in Maine, years before it became a song.


Take the Time

My eyes have witnessed
a cherry sunrise.
The warmth I was given
is like no other.
It will never be stolen,
it can only be shared.
I live with the fear
that it's been taken for granted,
feeling the time slip by,
like a waterfall.
We just can't see it all.
I want the rain to come down
and wash away all our hate.
To me it doesn't make sense
to spend our days promoting pain.
My hands can mend
when a creation has been neglected.
The colors glow
and then they fade.
Not complex, yet so in depth.
Breathe in, enjoy the scene.
Time is design for us to burn.
You can strain to pull the lead
and miss out on the fun.
Put your rush in park
and learn to look around.


from AVAIL - Each Other 1988​-​1990, released December 1, 2013
Music - AVAIL
Words - Brien Stewart




Brien Stewart Reston, Virginia

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