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This is my favorite AVAIL song, hands down! I think it represents the attitude and spirit we were going for from day one.



I'm holding hands with a feeling;
Like a flame it warms me inside.
I've got no damage or reason to worry,
this comfort flowing.
I've found my lucky star.
There's times that stress
somehow gets the best of me.
But I know inside:
I am strong and I can outlast
a moment's misery.
Times are strange, I understand
the walls in life
are not a permanent structure.
I always travel with an extra
in case the one I have flips upside down.
My confidence is on my side
and my fear is nowhere to be found.
If bad times crawl,
I'll bend down and pick them up.
It's very plain for me
to see the things I need to do.
It's not a one-way street;
I deal with both good and bad.
Don't need immediate signs
because with time progress shows.
I'm on the outside with a view that lets me in.
I understand that some breakdown from inside.
But the thing
that is sometimes hard to see:
With each day a new way is made.
It's up to us
to make the most of it.
So find a way
to dry up your crying eyes.
I've got no need to speed;
My clock repeats infinity.
Good vibes always last.
They have the energy.
I've got a lifetime
to decide on what's to be.


from AVAIL - Each Other 1988​-​1990, released December 1, 2013
Music - AVAIL
Words - Brien Stewart




Brien Stewart Reston, Virginia

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