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This is me being nerdy, writing about three different people at the same time.


Keeping Up

The words touch hard
on the paper you made.
That means the most to me;
It helps my days connect.
I often watch you in my head
because sometimes that's all there is.
I wonder what you're doing now.
Are you all alone?
I can tell by the words you write -
your shape is still the same.
And I know by the way that I feel
if everything is alright.
I wonder what you're doing now.
Are you all alone?
Are you doing fine?
Are you on your own?
You're always on my mind -
visions of the look I your eyes,
and the way you laugh
makes me feel some kind of magic.
It keeps my insides alive
because I know in time
we will meet again.
Nothing is bending our creation.
The years provide the seal.
Envision the days to come
and the time we'll share.
The days apart will bring us closer
in the end, I know.


from AVAIL - Each Other 1988​-​1990, released December 1, 2013
Music - AVAIL
Words - Brien Stewart




Brien Stewart Reston, Virginia

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