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Kind of a dark place for me. This person passed away in 2013.


Dunne Lost

You say today you're gonna ind the one you lost.
They say tonight we may be the ones who lose.
I wonder, will tomorrow free you?
How much more do you think they can take?

The road in which you go
is bad and getting worse.
You chew them up just to spit them out
because you're mad inside.
Just leave them alone.
Try your anger on for size.
You're the saddest sight I've seen.
Find the hole from which you came.

I've been watching you.
I'm sick from the things I see.
There's something wrong with you -
something's loose in that thing on your shoulders.
Won't shed a tear for you.
Your dessert is the fear that you offer.

Can't you see that the family is on the edge?
Don't you know that you supply the pain?


from AVAIL - Each Other 1988​-​1990, released December 1, 2013
Music - AVAIL
Words - Brien Stewart




Brien Stewart Reston, Virginia

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