AVAIL - Each Other 1988​-​1990


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released December 1, 2013




Brien Stewart Reston, Virginia

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Track Name: BOB'S CREW
Bob's Crew

Think of all the cups of caffeine
that we've shared
and all the hours
we've spent together.

I wonder will our ideals change?
Will we be this close forever?
A light'm for a smoke'm,
A shoulder to lean on,
An ear with the time,
A smile with the power to end clouds.

You've been with us from the start,
You provide our security,
Without you we stand alone,
Or at least as far as we're concerned.

Even already.
Track Name: AIM TO REACH
Aim To Reach

Just wasting your days
waiting for something.
You don't know what but you continue to wait.
You always have questions but, yet, speak in silence.
You're patiently waiting for the dreams that don't come.

Wake up!
Get up!
Believe in yourself!

Are you afraid to go outside?
Does it all move to fast?
Is it really too much for you to accept?

It's time you realized that life is what you make it.

Get up!
Get up!
Do it for yourself!
Track Name: WHO AGREES
(Lyrics too silly to reprint.)
Track Name: ONE HALF
One Half

Between death and birth,
what's become of the youth?
The naked eyes of time come forth,
when looking into the eyes of untruth.

Beware of the time one half,
under the influence of the draining pools of lies.
The time one half burns the fuel of deception.

Youth of tomorrow, come forth!

Between love and hate
lies the fine line of reality.

Youth of today, come forth!
Track Name: THEN AND NOW
Then and Now

Open you mind
to all you see.
I think in my head
before each day.
My thoughts, they laugh at me;
I cry.

Do I accept what I know I can't live with?
If I choose no, then I'm all alone.

Just a stubborn child
in the reflection.
I know I must deal with what is there.
It's wrong of me to expect perfection.

Driving fast,
sitting on the ground.
Eyes are closed,
the past is seen.
Such a fool I was,
moving so fast.
It's not my fault,
not a mind of my own then.
Have they Won?

We show no resistance
and wonder why we have nothing.
They don't have to work hard
to take our possessions.

How much more
will they take?
How much more
will we suffer?

Some stand by and watch their friends go down.
Others pretend the problem
doesn't exist at all.

The longer we wait
to stand up
the more we lose.

If we don't act now,
we will continue to say,
“How much more?”
Track Name: 1 DIVIDED BY 2
1 Divided by 2

We get two birthdays.
Just a contest - who spends the most?
We get two Christmases.
Twice as much, but what's the point?

No family to walk home to.
No time for family trips.
No one to depend on.
Tell me,
do I ask to much?

Moving back and forth,
sometimes, I'd rather have none.
Today I eat with Dad.
Tonight I sleep at Mom's.
Yes, I know it could be worse.
Track Name: ALWAYS

it doesn't seem to end.
The pain
that comes from within
and the thoughts
of yesterday
in my heart will never go away.

you're not around.
Has someone else taken my place?
Do you think of me sometimes,
or was I just another face?

We've cried alone before.
You and me,
we are no more,
but in my heart,
nothing's changed.
We will always have each other.
Track Name: MAKE IT STOP
Make It Stop

It's just ignorance passed on
to the next in line.
We're teaching the young all wrong
because we won't get along.

When will it end?
Our colors don't matter.
It's what's inside.
There's no real difference between us.

So tell me why we fight?
We've gt to stop
judging by the skin.
Why can't we love
each other for what's within?

Please help stop the anger.
Only we can make it end.
Prejudiced actions are wrong.
Why can't we see that
it's gone to far,
it's lasted too long?

Please, make it stop!
Track Name: HOPE
Blue Smoke's Gone

To the one
going out on your own:
Keep your head held high
and your person strong.
It could be a morbid or magical ride.
Now is the time
to show yourself what you can do.
There's no need to dwell upon the past.
You've got to live and breathe for today.
You shine when you speak of your travels.
Your pockets are packed and your mind is made.

Relax Prepare
Remember, don't be scared.
Seasons change and time goes on
and for those that stayed behind behind,
we'll hold our ground;
We'll be just fine.
It's important that your head says what's the best thing.
I need you to know a friend is a friend, far or near.

Do you remember
growing and laughing together?
Dealing with the hard times
and brushing off the pain?
I can recall watching you sing for the first time:
Just a pitch black tunnel,
but the light in your eyes pulled you through.
Now you're on the other end of a mile -
separated, but together where it counts.
Self Inflicted

Flowing just as free as the wind
in one direction;
Only worse as time goes on.
The reason travels solo;
We will run forever,
singing, “I don't care!”
We seem to view each day as a race;
As if our time is the last of.
It's obvious our eyes are shut tight.
Don't we know wrong from right?
Mother, may I ask one thing from you?
Please show forgiveness,
for we know not what we do.
I'd like to say that when this ride is over
that I tried hard and gave it my best shot.
Sometimes the laughter overpowers
from society's circus of fools -
forever reaching out,
grabbing and stealing,
walking the backs of today.
Forget about tomorrow.
Track Name: REGULATION '89
Regulation '89

Not a cable car
like the others,
this trip is mine and mine to rule.
But I'm up for suggestions
to help me guide my way.
I've got my future in the making,
jumping in and out of character.
Am I growing up or sinking slowly?
I'm trying to realize
just what it is I need
to escape this dizzy circle.
Just finished a twelve-year contract,
now it's time to move on.
My voice is thinking loudly
of the new today.
Understand, we get to pick our own destiny.
It's all the same,
the same game I play every day,
the same people I try to understand.
So many trying to play my role -
can't they see I'm in control?
From my mistakes,
I get to learn.
Your time is now.
Now it's my turn.
Take the Time

My eyes have witnessed
a cherry sunrise.
The warmth I was given
is like no other.
It will never be stolen,
it can only be shared.
I live with the fear
that it's been taken for granted,
feeling the time slip by,
like a waterfall.
We just can't see it all.
I want the rain to come down
and wash away all our hate.
To me it doesn't make sense
to spend our days promoting pain.
My hands can mend
when a creation has been neglected.
The colors glow
and then they fade.
Not complex, yet so in depth.
Breathe in, enjoy the scene.
Time is design for us to burn.
You can strain to pull the lead
and miss out on the fun.
Put your rush in park
and learn to look around.
Track Name: KEEPING UP
Keeping Up

The words touch hard
on the paper you made.
That means the most to me;
It helps my days connect.
I often watch you in my head
because sometimes that's all there is.
I wonder what you're doing now.
Are you all alone?
I can tell by the words you write -
your shape is still the same.
And I know by the way that I feel
if everything is alright.
I wonder what you're doing now.
Are you all alone?
Are you doing fine?
Are you on your own?
You're always on my mind -
visions of the look I your eyes,
and the way you laugh
makes me feel some kind of magic.
It keeps my insides alive
because I know in time
we will meet again.
Nothing is bending our creation.
The years provide the seal.
Envision the days to come
and the time we'll share.
The days apart will bring us closer
in the end, I know.
No Fixed Address

The ground is cold
where they sleep.
The shadows own their souls.
Men and women with no place to go.
Misfortune has come upon them.
I have seen the tears in their eyes,
and I know their pain.
Another zombie freezes and dies.
When will we stop this madness?
Coldness won their frames.
They will never move again.
Too many die this way.
Please help us help them!
Searching for shelter before dark comes,
just another daily routine.
Dreaming of the day when they're back on their feet.
Unfortunately, some will dream on forever,
feeling less upon each day,
walking the same beat,
beggin' their lives away.
Please help provide a chance.
Track Name: DUNNE LOST
Dunne Lost

You say today you're gonna ind the one you lost.
They say tonight we may be the ones who lose.
I wonder, will tomorrow free you?
How much more do you think they can take?

The road in which you go
is bad and getting worse.
You chew them up just to spit them out
because you're mad inside.
Just leave them alone.
Try your anger on for size.
You're the saddest sight I've seen.
Find the hole from which you came.

I've been watching you.
I'm sick from the things I see.
There's something wrong with you -
something's loose in that thing on your shoulders.
Won't shed a tear for you.
Your dessert is the fear that you offer.

Can't you see that the family is on the edge?
Don't you know that you supply the pain?
Track Name: SHINE

I'm holding hands with a feeling;
Like a flame it warms me inside.
I've got no damage or reason to worry,
this comfort flowing.
I've found my lucky star.
There's times that stress
somehow gets the best of me.
But I know inside:
I am strong and I can outlast
a moment's misery.
Times are strange, I understand
the walls in life
are not a permanent structure.
I always travel with an extra
in case the one I have flips upside down.
My confidence is on my side
and my fear is nowhere to be found.
If bad times crawl,
I'll bend down and pick them up.
It's very plain for me
to see the things I need to do.
It's not a one-way street;
I deal with both good and bad.
Don't need immediate signs
because with time progress shows.
I'm on the outside with a view that lets me in.
I understand that some breakdown from inside.
But the thing
that is sometimes hard to see:
With each day a new way is made.
It's up to us
to make the most of it.
So find a way
to dry up your crying eyes.
I've got no need to speed;
My clock repeats infinity.
Good vibes always last.
They have the energy.
I've got a lifetime
to decide on what's to be.
Back to the Start

Out here I understand
that one, alone can be so brave.
Even the young
have got a style all their own.
So many different shapes ans sizes to encounter.
And to think,
they live in fear of us.
We're always taking what we're giving.
I've seen what the tide throws up.
It brings a tear to my eyes.
I've been walking stages,
been looking underneath.
So many talking the reasons why
we live with our hands in the air
and our mouths open wide,
because we never know when to stop.
We walk such a fine line.
We're bending all the rules
and won't follow directions.
Is all the caring running out?
Let's take a last look around -
Someone turn the channel,
where's the remote control?